Who I Am and Why I am Here!

Who I Am and Why I am Here!

I love prompts like this. Let’s just wrap  the answers to all the hardest questions in the universe into 1 easy paragraph!! I am doing the Blogging 101 course in order to deepen my mad blogging skills and figure out exactly why I am writing and how I will “use it.”  Hineni means “Here I am.” So it’s kind of funny that the first question is “Why are you here?”  On an existential level, I am here because I am here. To be more present is the answer to why am I here. When the universe calls out “Where are you?” I answer “Hineni.” That’s why I’m here.

As to the who I am question, I answer with the phrase Ehyeh asher ehyeh which is “I am that I am” or “I am becoming that which I am becoming.” Or to pull from the wisdom of the spinach eating pirate “I yam what I yam…” So that’s who I am.

But those are the bird’s eye views. For this particular question, I am blogging because I love to write and because I think I have something to say! Things that I think others might want to hear.

I journaled most of my life until I had children and then I stopped. Now I don’t journal because I really don’t want to write into a void. I want to write for an audience! Whew – that is really hard to admit!!

Part of my journey is claiming my wisdom and uncovering the teacher within. Eventually I believe I will create a second blog that is targeted towards the next phase of my work which will revolve around teaching and facilitating on community building, social justice and building the beloved community. For now, I am just writing for the love of words, for the delight of wrapping my mind around a topic and expressing it. This blog explores small acts of creativity, parenting and role of art in my life. I explore how I can be deeply present in my life, find satisfaction and also how do I push to deepen my connections with the natural world, with being Jewish and with being creative. And I might write about chickens too.